Applications of Gypsum Powder

Gypsum powder is a sulfate mineral which is made from calcium sulfate dihydrate. It is also known as POP (plaster of Paris), that is a calcined gypsum, which is mixed with water and after sometime it become hard structure used in casting and construction. It is found in nature as selenite flattened bed with crystal form shape. The pure gypsum is white in color and often found with the mineral halite and sulfur. These are also consider as best crystal habit, flexible crystal, cleavage and hard solid mass.

Gypsum Powder for Constructing Material

The gypsum powder is used as most commonly as POP to manufacture building material. As, it is soft mineral, composed of translucent crystal and have good hardening property. Gypsum is utilized as support for various molding material to form statues, sculptures, fixtures and as well as coating the walls. The craftsmen uses the gypsum powder to make beautiful and attractive idols and statues etc. It provides an unreactive surface and paints and chemicals does not react with gypsum. And, also have good lower conductivity property and used to make outer walls to keep the room cool from inside.

Gypsum Powder for Processing of Blocks

The gypsum block are processed from gypsum plaster and water and build into large light-weight solid wallboard. It is a fire-resistant, non-loading bearing walls that are used as interior, partition, cavity and pillar casing place. In addition of this, also used to make drywall construction. The gypsum blocks are hard, void-free and have good stability. Gypsum block remain blemishes and shrink free after more than 20 years.

Other applications of Gypsum Powder

  • Fertilizer:- The powder have high amount of sodium mineral, which is used in farms for increasing the fertility of soil.
  • Food Additives:- Enhance the texture of the food products, and are used as baking agent to improve the dough conditioners, reducing stickiness and increasing the calcium nutrients. Further, used to coagulant the milk to form tofu and other dairy products.
  • Body care products:- The gypsum powder is used as an solubility agent in making of shampoos, foot creams and other hair products.
  • Boards :- It is used most commonly to make high finish walls and ceiling and formed into strong and strength wallboard, blackboard, drywall, sheetrock and plasterboard etc.
  • In reducing water pollution:- With various tests and researches, it has been shown that the gypsum can be utilize to get rid of arsenic and lead harsh chemicals etc from contaminated water.
  • Forming artistic creation:- Artisans use the gypsum powder with water, to form a soft mixture as it is easier to curve and give shape. It is use in making ancient sculptures with detailed working.

Features of Gypsum Powder

  • Have streak white color and also found in shade of red, brown and yellow.
  • Come in three different varieties satin, selenite and alabaster.
  • It is hard, strong and moderately water-soluble.
  • Does not crack and remain for long time
  • Largely used in making of blackboard, chalkboard, plaster and fertilizers etc.

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