China Clay
The provided China clay is broadly deployed in the production of paint, paper, rubber and allied products. It is deployed like a light study material in white light bulb and modified gloss levels. This clay is also used as a coating to enhance the paper making surface.
Silica Sand
Silica Sand is quartz that has been broken into tiny granules by the action of water and wind over the time. This is used in the production of personal care products, glass, construction materials, electronics, etc.
Our dolomite powder is considered to be carbonate mineral that is primarily made of calcium magnesium carbonate. This is purely white in shade as well as is deployed like a seller in ceramics, pains, detergents and soaps.
Insulation Bricks
We are providing insulation fire bricks that can tolerate elevated temperatures as well as functions as an effective insulation. These breaks are employed to line for boxes, fire places, ovens, and much more.
Soft Stone
Our soft stone lumps is demanded by the customers because it has accurate pH level, precise composition and delivers elongated shelf life. This is made by washing, crushing and grinding natural quartz stone.
Lime Stone
Power line stone is made of skeletal fragments, for example, molluscs, forams, and corals. this is stone is deployed for multiple reasons such as building material, concrete component, aggregate for roads, white pigment in paints for toothpaste and soil conditioner.
Ferrous Sulphate
Our ferrous sulphate is deployed for various industrial and commercial applications as it is deployed like a soil enhancement for minimizing the pH value of elevated alkaline soil. This way the plants will have effective access to soil nutrients.
Quartz based substances have extensive applications in various industries. Powder based form of these products have good dielectric strength and minimal thermal expansion co-efficiency. What is more, these have unique stiffness level.
Quick Lime (Calcium Oxide)
We are presenting quick lime or calcium oxide to the customers and is broadly employed in paper production. It is additionally used in carpeting, dyes and different floor coverings, for example protective coatings and resins.
Gypsum Powder
Gypsum Powder is a natural product composed of oxygen, calcium, sulfur, and hydrogen. It is mainly used in construction, agricultural, food and other sectors in different applications.
Refractory Sand
The provided refractory sand is additionally called sand granules that are used in road making in our country. This sand is the primarily construction material for any building, wall, ceiling and allied applications.
Hydrated Lime Powder
Hydrated Lime Powder is composed of magnesium carbonate and calcium. Its molar mass is 74.093 g/mol and ph value is 12.4. Boiling point of this powder based substance is 5162 degree F and melting point is 1076 degree F.
Silica Powder
Silica powder is white fine powder that makes an essential raw material in the production process of many different products, right from microchip, concrete, rubber, plastic, borosilicate glass to semiconductor.
High Alumina Bricks
High alumina bricks, as the very name implies, are bricks with high aluminium oxide. With high thermal stability, these bricks are mainly used in making rotary kiln lining, hot blast stove, furnace, etc.
River Sand
River sand is a building construction material obtained from the river banks. If sea bed sand is unavailable, this type of sand is used for plastering. As building material, it is light grey sand free of any sediment left over from the water.

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