Quartz based substances have wide applications in construction industry. Application of such substances can be noticed in paint making, paper production, agricultural and also in other industries. Density of these substances is more than 2.56g/m3 and these have precise ph value. Quartz based substances are obtained by precipitating calcium carbonate from lake or ocean. Powder based version of these substances have low thermal expansion co efficiency and unique dielectric strength. Moreover, these have unique stiffness level. Excellent dispersion rate, acid and alkali resistance feature and ability to remain inert at high temperature are the key aspects of these products.

Quartz Stone

  • State : Solid
  • pH Value : Precise
  • Color : Solid color series, granite series, cloudy series
  • Density : > 2.56 g m
Price: 3000.00 - 4000.00 INR/Ton

Quartz Sand

  • Material Used : Quartz
  • Silica Content : 99.5%
  • State : Solid
  • Appearance : Powder
Price: 4000.00 - 10000.00 INR/Ton

High Quality Quartz Powder

  • Molecular Weight: 60.083 g/mol
  • Molecular Formula: O2Si or (SiO2)n or SiO2
  • CAS Number:  7631-86-9
  • Appearance/Color: White
  • Boiling Point: 4.000 degree F
  • Melting Point: 2,912 degree F
Price: 5000.00 - 10000.00 INR/Ton

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