Applications of Limestones

Limestone is an organic sedimentary rock, which is basically a result of skeletal fragments of marine creatures which is majorly enriched with minerals calcite and aragonite, that are actually different forms of calcium carbonate in crystal form. Applications of limestone are several and discussed here. It primarily comprises calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is present in the form of mineral calcite. It is generally created in warm, clear and shallow marine waters. Limestone is also a chemical sedimentary rock which is created via precipitation processes of calcium carbonate acquired from lake water or ocean water. Some applications of limestone include in segments of paper, paint, rubber & plastics, wherein it is used as a filler.

Applications of Limestone in Construction

Since ages, limestone has been the first choice for construction and continues to be one till date. Its light weight makes it highly suitable for shorter buildings and also provides toughness to the structure. The properties of the product makes it versatile for any form of structure worldwide. Modular construction or structures make use of concretes and in order to provide these concretes strong binding limestone happens to be the chief and main component which is mixed with cement to do the needful.

Limestone for Concrete

In concrete, limestone is used as aggregate. A kiln is used for fire it up along with crushed shale, which results in the production of cement. Few limestone varieties are highly preferred for concrete since they have less pore spaces and are strong, dense rocks. In line with this, they have good resistance against abrasion and freeze-thaw. Here, the applications of limestone is preferred because it is simple to mine and causes less wear on the mining equipment and transportation vehicles.

Other Applications of Limestone

  • Soil pH Balance- The product balances and increase the pH and maintains the composition of acidic soil. Crushed form of the product is added to the soil before plantation to improve the quality and pH balance.
  • Antacid Medications- Used in several medicinal applications, it is highly efficient in neutralizing the acid and heart burning medicines and also a great importance in food industry's it is used to add to the calcium content of food.
  • Chemical Applications- The chemical properties of the product makes it ideal for bond with many other substances and chemicals and used to reduce the emission from fossil fuels, and also filters the unwanted particles from iron and also controls the viscosity of glass while its manufacturing.
  • Heavy Industries- During the production of steel, huge amount of Limestone is used to remove and reduce impurities in the process of iron ore reduction phase as well as steel production phase.

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