Applications of Silica Sand
Srinath Enterprises is offering silica sand which is basically quartz broken down into smaller granules, over the course of time by the application of wind and water. There are many applications of silica sand, depending on its grades. Commercial Silica Sand is used by companies belonging to oil and natural gas recovery, as a proppant. This grade is also used for making everyday items like glass, construction materials, personal care products and others. Industrial sand refers to high purity silica sand wherein the sizes are closely controlled. In comparison to concrete and asphalt gravels, it is more accurate. Silica Sand is vastly used in different kinds of industries as it is well sorted and has perfect amount of grains in uniform quantity. The uses and applications of the product relies solely on physical characteristics and its pure structure. Following are different Applications of Silica Sand:

Silica Sand for Sandblasting

Also known as abrasive blasting, silica sand is opted for the process due to its commendable abrasion property. In this process, a current of abrasive particles is projected onto a surface by the application of compressed air or steam. As a part of this process, cleaning sand from the foundry castings is done. The sand helps the end product to fight against a specific surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughens smooth surfaces, provides a shape to surface or to do away with surface contaminants.

Silica Sand for the Glass Industry

The major component used in making glass is silica sand which is in crystal form. Fused silica is preferred because of its resistance to thermal shocks and the chances of contamination of glass are least. One of the key requirements of glass making is that silica sand used in it should have clear color, consistent grain size, less iron amount and zero contaminants. In making Glass Containers, top grade silica sand ensures improved consistency via its distribution and chemical properties. Due to low iron sand, the flat glasses are made with avant-garde optical properties.

Other Applications of Silica Sand

  • Ceramics- Silica is used in formation of ceramics as it reduces the shrinkage while drying and imparts toughness to the surface.
  • Building materials- Used widely in construction and building materials, the product provides great strength and bulk to the infrastructures.
  • Paints and pigments- Silica acts as a low cost extender for paints and its property of low oil absorption permits increased pigment loading foe easy and fine finish of color.
  • Water filtration- Product has filtering particles and hence used as filtering sand in various swimming pools, waste water treatment plants and power generation.
  • Foundry sand- Silica clay has even, regular, uniform, clean and high quality texture which makes it the first choice for making foundry sand.
  • Making silicon carbide and silicon- Known to be best abrasive along with being semi conductor, the product imparts these qualities to silicon carbide and silicon, that makes the end products useful for many industries and ideal for delicate jobs like acting as a diamond stimulant of gems.

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