Quick Lime ( Calcium Oxide)

Calcium Oxide, known as burnt lime, is an alkaline substance that is considered as one of the oldest chemicals. This is developed by the thermal decomposition of different materials such as limestone or seashells having calcium carbonate (CaCO3; mineral calcite) in a lime kiln. This process of preparing burnt lime is called calcination. This process starts by thermal decomposition of the reactants at high temperatures that is kept below the melting point. The calcium carbonate undergoes this process at the temperature ranging from 1070oC to 1270oC in a rotary kiln. This is available in amorphous white solid having a high melting point of 2600oC. This stable compound can easily withstand high temperatures. In addition to this, it forms slaked lime in the presence of water which known as slaking of lime process

Usages of Calcium Oxide:

1) Used as an important ingredient in the development of caustic soda.
2) Used for making medicines and insecticides.
3) Used in laboratories as a reagent for the processes of precipitation, dehydration, etc.
4) Used in the manufacturing of paper, cement, and high-grade steel.
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Quick Lime Lumps

Price: 3700.00 - 5000.00 INR/Ton


  • Molecular Weight : 56.0774 g/mol
  • Molecular Formula: CaO
  • State : Solid
  • Appearance/Color: White and gray lump
  • Melting Point: 2,572 °C
  • Solubility: Soluble in water and glycerol

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Quick Lime Powder

Price: 4000.00 - 10000.00 INR/Pack


  • Concrete Strength: Lesser concrete than any other sand
  • Marine Products:    1 - 2%
  • Over Sized Materials: 1 - 6%
  • Particle size: 75 micron up to 3%
  • Shape: Smooth texture with better shape
  • Silt Content: Minimum silt content is 3%


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