Applications of Calcium Oxide
Being one of the compound of chemical, calcium hydroxide is not related to calcium supplements production as it contains acidic properties in it. The product takes the form of white powder or colorless crystal which is produced when other compound is quenched or mixed with water. This chemical is available in hard lump form. It causes irritation when exposed to eyes and skin. It contains calcium and oxygen in 1:1 proportion. Free from odor, this chemical is used as an indispensable ingredient for fertilizers and insecticides. It has 5162 degree F boiling point and it melts under 4662 degree F temperature. It is hygroscopic by nature. Some applications of calcium oxide, offered by Srinath Enterprises are discussed below.

Soil Quality

Calcium oxide is also known as burnt lime and quicklime, which is acquired by heating limestone and eliminating carbon dioxide. Calcium oxide has proven to be highly efficient in improving the quality of acidic soil by reducing the acid content and making it more fertile and conditioned. It is instrumental in adjusting pH level of soil for improving crop yielding rate. It boosts water penetration rate and increases nutrient absorption capacity of soil. Inclusion of this chemical promotes microbial activities and accelerates symbiotic nitrogen fixation process.

Application of Calcium Oxide in Petroleum Industry & Manufacturing Industries

Water detection pastes comprises of mixture of calcium oxide and phenolphthalein. When the paste come into contact with water in a fuel storage tank, the reaction of CaO and water forms calcium hydroxide. Enriched with pH value, it helps in turning the phenolphthalein a vivid purplish-pink color, thus indicating the presence of water. Further, Calcium Oxide is vastly used by various industries to manufacture end number of products. Be it food products, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, soda drinks, tanning industries as a neutralizers and in steel manufacturing to maintain the balance of acid content and add to the toughens the steel.

Some other Applications of Calcium Oxide

  • Electricity- On heating the quicklime at the temperature of 2,400oC (4,350oF), it emits an intense glow. Such form of illumination is known as limelight, and was widely recognized in theatrical productions, until the electric lightening was introduced.
  • For Treating Industrial Waste- This chemical is useful for neutralizing acidic industrial wastes. Neutralized waste can be discharged into any water body without affecting water quality.
  • In glass and porcelain industries- This chemical is used as important element for producing porcelain and glass.
  • In Sugar Refinery- It is used for purification of sugar.
  • Laboratory- Applications of this chemical can be notices in research labs where it acts as suitable reagent for successful conduction of precipitation and dehydration procedures. It is also required for drying ammonia gas.
  • Mining- The exothermic property of the product makes it perfect in breaking down the rock. A hole is made in the rocks and quicklime is placed or filled in it after injecting some amount of water in it. As a result steam is emitted and leads to breaking down of rocks.
  • Paints- It happens to be main and important ingredient in pigments, paints, plaster and mortars. The compound provides elasticity and flexibility to the end products which enable paints to spread more in less quantity and gives the color fine and smooth finish.
  • Production of Caustic Soda- It acts as the cost effective substitute of alkali during formulation of caustic soda.

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